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    Annual SPX Image Competition

    Professional Photographers of Louisiana, Inc.

    • 2022 Digital Image Exhibition Rules

      To be held Sunday, July 24, 2022 starting at 1:00pm CST. This will be a virtual competition.  To watch the competition, log on to:

      Please Read Rules Thoroughly!


    •       Entries open noon, May 16, 2022
    •       Anyone may enter but only PPLA Active Members in good standing are eligible for awards.
    •       ONLY DIGITAL image entries will be accepted. 
    •       ALL ENTRIES must be uploaded to the PPLA entry site at  **They require a small yearly fee to use their site.
    •       **You may enter as many images as you like, but to qualify for the Louisiana State awards and merits for “full case entry”, “6 for 6” and Photographer Of The Year you must enter a minimum of 6 images.
    •       Photographer Of The Year will be based on the entrant’s top six scores.
    •       Early Bird Deadline is midnight, Sunday, July 10, 2022, with an entry fee of $15 per image. 
    •       Final deadline is midnight, Friday, July 22, 2022 with an entry fee of $20 per image.
    •       Judge critiques are available for $5 per image. 



    • 1.     All images are to be Quality 10 JPGS.
    • 2.     The longest side of the image, including presentation, must be at 4000 ppi. (PPI = Pixels Per Inch)
    • 3.     sRGB or Adobe RGB 1998 color profile embedded.
    • 4.     File size cannot exceed 10MB.
    • 5.     File names cannot have the maker’s name in it.
    • 6.     You must place an UNDERSCORE between each word in your file name. Correct file names are as follows (see Examples):
    • 6.1.    The_Big_Blue_Dog.jpg
    • 6.2.    Precious.jpg
    • 6.3.    Running_Wild.jpg
    • The judging procedures for 2022 will coincide as closely as possible with PPA standards using the “12 elements of a merit print” as a guide for scoring.  Images scoring 80 and above will comprise the Court of Honor and will receive a PPLA State Image Merit towards the maker’s PPLA Imaging Artistry Degree. Prints scoring 90 or above will receive 2 Image Merits.  First Place in a category will be awarded to the highest numerical scoring image in that category.  In case of a tie, the judges will decide the winner.  For a print to be considered for a first place or distinguished print award ribbon, the print must score a minimum of 78 in the General Division or an 80 in the Master Division.

      The scoring ranges will be as follows:


    •        Exceptional                                 95-100
    •        Superior                                    90-94
    •        Excellent                                   85-89
    •        Deserving of a Merit                      80-84
    •        Above Average                             75-79
    •        Average                                          70-74
    •        Below Exhibition Standards         65-69



    •        Portrait - General
    •        Portrait - Animal (or pets)
    •        Portrait - Child (or children)
    •        Portrait - High School Senior
    •        Portrait - Wedding (posed & bridals)
    •        Photojournalism - Sport or Event
    •        Photojournalism - Wedding (Candid)
    •        Illustrative - Scenic (or Landscape)
    •        Illustrative - Wildlife (or zoo setting)
    •        Illustrative - Storytelling
    •        Illustrative - Other**
    •        Commercial
    •        Multi Image Folio or Album – (any kind)
    •        Artist - (Composite, Illustration or Restoration)

    Portrait Categories

    Will consist of images taken with controlled lighting (natural or artificial) and controlled posing or handling of subject.


    Illustrative - Other

    Will be for illustrative images that do not fit into another Illustrative category.  Examples are: digitally painted images, design pieces or composites that do not belong in the master artist category due to a lower level of difficulty, still-life, flowers and conceptual images.  All elements of the image must be created by the maker.



    Will consist of commercial and industrial images which may include (but not require), a tear sheet that illustrates where and how the image was actually used commercially.  This may be entered with your image on



    Will consist of images created within a computer by electronic means, or photographic images altered with the use of electronic techniques to produce an entirely new derivative artwork. They may be compositions, illustrations or restorations.  They are judged on the 12 elements but also on the degree of skill used to design the piece.  Unlike the other categories, the images used to create the final piece do NOT have to be taken by the entrant.  They may use their own images or other images that they have the proper legal permissions to use.  Guide images MUST be included on the top, side, or bottom of the presentation so that the judges may see the complexity of the maker’s work.  Note*   Conventional, digitally edited images should be entered into one of the photographic categories.


    The decision of the IEC Jury Chairman will be final in all questions related to the proper classification of images. 


    Multi Image Folio Entries

    Will be judged on the 12 elements and fluency as one complete body of work. Entry can be uploaded in a single .zip file to

    (No Physical Entries will be accepted)



    The PresidentAward Theme for 2022 


    Tell a story with light on a face

    President – Jim Byron

    Awards List:

    PPLA Photographer of the Year - Must enter at least 6 images! LA State Shaped PLAQUE (Master & General)

    Louisiana Elite Award -   ACRYLIC TROPHY- (Master) Highest Scoring image by a Master

    Louisiana Elite Award -   ACRYLIC TROPHY (Genaral) Highest scoring image by a non-master

    President’s Award - PLAQUE (Master & General)

    6 - Judges Choice Awards - Ribbons (Master & General)

    Highest Scoring Image by a CPP - GLASS TROPHY (Provided by CPP) (Master & General)

    Highest Scoring Image by an ASP Member (Provided by ASP) GLASS (Master)

    First Time Entry Award for Highest Scoring Print - Blue Rosette (General)

    Best Portrait General - Blue Rosette and two Distinguished Print Ribbons (Master & General)

    Best Portrait Child - Blue Rosette and two Distinguished Print Ribbons (Master & General)

    Best Portrait Animal (or Pets) - Blue Rosette and two Distinguished Print Ribbons (Master & General)

    Best Portrait HS Senior - Blue Rosette and two Distinguished Print Ribbons (Master & General)

    Best Portrait Wedding-Bridal - Blue Rosette and two Distinguished Print Ribbons (Master & General)

    Best Photojournalism Sport/Event - Blue Rosette and two Distinguished Print Ribbons (Master & General)

    Best Photojournalism Wedding Candid - Blue Rosette and two Distinguished Print Ribbons (Master & General)

    Best Illustrative Scenic or Landscape - Blue Rosette and two Distinguished Print Ribbons   (Master & General)

    Best Illustrative Wildlife - Blue Rosette and two Distinguished Print Ribbons (Master & General)

    Best Illustrative Storytelling - Blue Rosette and two Distinguished Print Ribbons (Master & General)

    Best Illustrative Other - Blue Rosette and two Distinguished Print Ribbons (Master & General)

    Best Commercial - Blue Rosette and two Distinguished Print Ribbons (Master & General)

    Best Artist - Blue Rosette and two Distinguished Print Ribbons (Master & General)

    Best Multi Image Folio - Blue Rosette and two Distinguished Print Ribbons (Master & General)

    Henry B. Elsas, PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD - PLAQUE (Master or General)

    Highest scoring image by a Non-Resident Rosette

    6 for 6 - PINS (Masters or Non-Masters) - Must enter at least 6 images!


    A.    All current PPLA Active Members, who have paid their dues prior to registering their images, are eligible for awards in the 2022 PPLA Image Competition. 

    B.    Anyone else may compete for scoring purposes but are not eligible for awards.

    C.    The entry must have been captured and created by the entrant.

    D.    The entrant's name shall not appear anywhere on the face of the entry.

    E.     No limit on number of entries submitted per entrant.

    F.     No entry will be eligible if it has been made under the supervision of an instructor or as a class assignment. All images submitted must be self-directed.  Images created in an educational environment under direct supervision from an instructor are ineligible.

    G.    Entries of the same subject in multiple images will be allowed as long as the images are entirely different.  This includes different background, location, clothing and concept. 

    H.    Once an image has been awarded an exhibition merit from PPA or received a Seal of Approval from a PPA affiliate but has not yet been submitted to the PPA International Print Competition (IPC) it is not eligible. No image that receives a merit may be entered more than once under any condition, including any image from a merited album.

    I.      Any entry that has been created from an existing photograph, portrait, graphic or any other artwork produced by another person is a violation of the competition rules and will not be judged, accepted or displayed.  (Exception: Artist Category)

    J.     If an entry, in the good-faith opinion of the PPLA-IEC, violates copyright, trademark or any other applicable law, that entry shall not be displayed or published.


    IEC Chairman 

    Joseph Lalonde


    • 08/21/2022
    • 08/23/2022
    • Baton Rouge Marriott, 5500 Hilton Ave., Baton Rouge, LA 70808

    3 days of great photographic education, Expo with lots of booths, and the fellowship of your fellow photographers you have been missing. Check back for schedule and program information.

    Special room rate at the Baton Rouge Marriott of only $119. Must book room by August 9, 2022 to receive this rate. Book your room now!

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